About Us

Our Story

Shyam Dhani welcomes you to a healthy and hygienic world of spices with our aim to provide authentic Indian spices to our consumers while maintaining the highest quality & hygiene standards. Our raw materials are procured from the places of their origin. Our highly developed infrastructural facility is upgraded on a regular basis and all the spices are processed and blended in automatic machines at every stage and before packing. Our products are tested in the most modern govt authorised labs.


Our Vision

We aim to become the best spice provider both nationally and globally. We are dedicated to distributing pure and superior quality spices to our customers at fair prices within the nation and worldwide while also establishing a new level of quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.


Our Mission

Our company is committed to providing quality products and unsurpassed customer service. We are also determined to increase our sales turnover and set competitive pricing to meet the demands of middle to high income customers.

Management Philosophy / Values

Our organization’s management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. The main focus of our strategy is to provide quality products and service to our customers which is better than what our competitors offer. To help achieve this objective, the organization wants to attract highly motivated and disciplined individuals who believe in the team's work and make the necessary commitment, take responsibility and if needed, take risk to achieve our vision. These key elements help us maintain our leadership position in markets across the globe. The management's main goal is to make the “SHYAM” brand consumer’s first choice and earn that trust by providing a variety of the finest spices and by satisfying the expectations of our consumers .

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