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Kitchen Essentials From SHYAM MASALE

Your search for the best spices ends here

Any individual who loves to invest some energy in the kitchen has a small but specific bunch of cooking flavors and spices that they consider to be their staple fixes. However, on the off chance that you start feeling that you're serving similar flavours for dinners again and again, perhaps the time has come to shake things up a bit.
You've possibly seen something on one of those cooking shows or have nailed a Pinterest recipe. Maybe now's the time to attempt a dish that you've never tried, from some distant land - cuisines making their way into the mainstream food choices are from Africa, South America, Mexico and the Middle East. What if you could enjoy these exotic flavours, locally, no matter what season it is?

With Shyam Spices, you can! We have a wide range of local and global spices that add the aroma of authenticity to every dish you prepare.
Let’s get to know our spices a little better.

Bay Leaves are best whole and dried, and can be grounded without any problem. They not only provide a zesty taste, they are also an enhancer of nuanced flavors.
Dark Peppercorns are additionally one of the most-loved spices. They have a hot flavour of their own and are known to enhance the overall flavour of any dish these are added to. Put your peppercorn into a pepper processor and thank us later.
Coriander Seed again is a kitchen essential, the flavour it provides is a perfect combination of strong and pleasant.
Nutmeg Powder does some incredible things for some everyday dishes and tastes amazingly delightful in exotic preparations too.
Ground Cumin has an extraordinary flavor that is truly unmatched. Not only is it a preferred addition to beans and breads, it is also a staple in mainstream Middle Eastern cooking styles.
Garlic Powder is a dependable spice that can be added to numerous dishes for that exquisite, recognizable taste, without the mass that garlic cloves add to a dish.

Of course, a spice list aimed at helping someone get their spices in order wouldn't be complete without some spice blends. Here are some spice blends that are good for beginners who are not confident in their abilities to layer the flavors of different spices on their own. Don't worry, you will get there with time; after all practice makes perfect.

Chili Powder is great to add some flair to vegetables. We think it's necessary to have at least one chili powder in hand at all times just in case of an intense chili craving.
Maharajah Style Curry Powder is a popular spice blend based on the flavours of South Asian cuisine. Curries are becoming more mainstream in American cuisine, and if you are looking to experiment, here would be a good place to start.
Purchasing dark pepper, cinnamon, cloves and different flavors is so modest since it appears hard to accept that once, they were esteemed as exceptionally as gold and silver. Archeologists gauge that from as far back as 50,000 B.C. people had utilized the extraordinary characteristics of sweet-smelling plants to help flavor their food. The crude human would have used the sweet-smelling flavors to make food taste better.

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