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Shawarma @ Home!

Enjoy this exotic global flavour with the homegrown Shyam Masale

Dish - Shawarma Cheese Fingers
Category - Finger Food
Made using - Leftover chapatis and Shawarma Masala by Shyam Masale

The name of the dish is in itself mouth-watering, right? And as fancy as the name sounds, the preparation is that easy, after all, it’s a do-over with leftover chapatis. That’s right!
Let's make Shawarma  out of chapatis – stuffed with veggies and cheese to make it just the right kind of Yummy in your tummy.
Is it just us or did the Chapati Tortilla train get too mainstream and repetitive for you too? Well, that’s exactly why we came up with an ingenious idea, only for you!
The recipe is easy; apart from your regular ingredients, what makes it special is Shyam Masale and the love with which you make it.

List of ingredients you need:
150 gm shredded cheese
Some boiled sweet corn.
¼ cup finely chopped onions
¼ cup finely chopped carrots
¼ cup finely chopped capsicum
1 tbsp  Shyam chili flakes
1 tbsp Shyam shawarma spices
1 tbsp shyam chaat masala
½ tbs shyam mint masala
½ tbsp Shyam black pepper masala
½ tbsp garlic powder
½  tbsp Shyam cumin powder
Salt as per taste
1 tbsp maida and some water ( for slurry)
7 – 8 rotis
3 – 4 tbsp oil/butter
Tomato ketchup

The recipe:
Take a mixing bowl, add 150 gm of shredded cheese and add some boiled corn to it, now add the finely chopped veggies that we kept aside ( carrot, carrot, capsicum)
Add 1 tbsp of Shyam chilli flakes ( as per your taste ), add shyam spices – black pepper, cumin, shawarma masala, chat, mint, and garlic to it and then give it a quick mix/stir – leave it aside.
(Do not add more salt as cheese has salt consistency in it)
Now place 1 roti on kitchen platform/board
Place cheese stuffing in the center, apply slurry on the sides of the roti
(Take  1 tbsp of maida and water, dilute with some water to make a thick slurry)
Further roll this roti covering the stuffing
(Make as many roti fingers using the same method )
Heat the pan, pour or brush butter/oil and spread it all over your pan.
Now – place 3-4 roti fingers on a pan at a time, rotate them and let them cook from all sides on low flame for 2-3 mins until it turns golden brown from both sides.
Now let it cool down on a serving plate and then cut it into your desired size and shape, dip the sides in your favorite sauce or dip and add some cheese on top of it for garnish.
(You can also sprinkle your favorite seasoning on top of it – chili flakes, mixed herbs, or any masala)

And here you go – your Shawarma  cheese fingers are ready to serve.

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